Boy Scout Collectors´ Meeting 2019 - Germany

Dear Scout Collectors and friends,

A second Scout Collectors’ meeting in Germany!

It will be held from 21st June till 23rd June 2019 in Hamm near Dortmund, located in the north eastern corner of the Ruhrgebiet area.


We are open to Scouts of all organisations and scarf colours. We are a couple of scouts from different German organisations who simply enjoy trading and swapping. Time has come to meet again in Germany.


You can either join and come for looking, exchanging or trading on just one day, or stay overnight. We are planning the meeting to take place reasonably close to important highways.


You may come with a bag full of badges, boxes full of magazines and books, an old flag or an old buckle, a campfire blanket covered with countless badges, a suitcase with all your spares, or just a high level of interest.
You can also get an expertise on the origin and possible value of any German scouting objects by our experts there.


We want to reach as many people interested in swapping and trading as possible, not only serious longtime collectors, but also new young collectors who just want to start a collection. Even those who have had some time-out during the last few years, will now have the chance to complete their collections and make new friends.

In addition to some personal invitations, we specially use the (now quite common) new media and get in touch with you mainly by e-mail. But we are also active on Facebook to reach as many people as possible. Some foreign guests from neighbouring European countries have already registered. It would be great if you also told your friends on Facebook and share the information.




We do hope it will be even better than last year’s meeting which was a huge success.
The 2020 collectors’ meeting in Germany will take place next to Mannheim in the south west of Germany. We will keep you informed.




We are now looking forward to seeing you in June 2019


Be Prepared and “Gut Pfad”


Bugs & Klaus
(For the preparation team)



New Location for the coming Collectorsmeeting :

St. Michael Church

59071 Hamm, Ostwennemarstr. 4



21.June 2019 - Arrival and install Exhebition - first swaps possible.

22.June 2019 - Swap Meeting.